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A bilingual music theater piece in Swedish and English, dream seminar / drömseminarium a new music-theater piece produced by Companion Star based on the poetry of Nobel laureate Tomas Tranströmer, the music of composer Ellen Lindquist, and developed collaboratively through improvisation by an international company of and generated by a multi-national group of twenty artists.

A live radio opera premiered in 2014 to critical acclaim, Under Milk Wood is a production by Taliesin Arts Centre (Wales) in coproduction with Le Chien qui chante (Quebec) & Companion Star (New York), and in association with Welsh National Opera. Supported by the Arts Council of Wales and the Welsh Government. Premiered as part of the Dylan Thomas 100 Festival.

A Model of Improvisation
The Companion Star Method
Companion Star is dedicated to the growth of music theater by challenging theater's traditional relationships, cultivating diverse artists, and introducing new works to the public in dynamic and interactive environments.
Companion Star's productions are developed in a workshop-oriented system intended to dissolve traditional boundaries between performers, musicians, producers, directors and other participants. This organic approach is designed to produce fully integrated works in which every facet of the production, from initiation to completion, is shaped by ideas that arise collectively from all participants.
Reaching beyond traditional theater personnel of actors, dancers and musicians, Companion Star's productions involve physical and visual artists whose work is incorporated into both the presentation of the production and the story itself. In keeping with Companion Star's collaborative approach to the performing arts, these artists are fully involved in every phase of the production from conceptualization to presentation.
Companion Star's performances are staged in intimate venues arranged to bring the audience into the performance space to create an environment that performers and the audience can inhabit together.
Funding the Dream
Global Open Challenge
GlobalGiving Fundraising Campaign for
dream seminar/drömseminarium

Companion Star is proud to report that our September fundraiser through GlobalGiving exceeded our goals and earned us a permanent spot on the GlobalGiving network.

We extend our gratitude to our supporters, who carried us to a fundraising goal of $10,000, from 40 unique donors. Our new home on the GlobalGiving network will be a valuable resource as we continue to raise funds for the dream seminar/ drömseminarium premiere, and the commitment of so many ground-level supporters is a resounding endorsement of the reach and impact of this project.

Click to visit our GlobalGiving page now.
For purposes of funding the final design for set, costumes, lighting and projections, GlobalGiving has set Should Companion Star reach our goal, dream seminar/ drömseminarium will become an established project with GlobalGiving, providing us with the opportunity to draw on GlobalGiving's fundraising resources through the planned premiere in August, 2016.
In English and Swedish,
our bilingual work, based on the words of
contemporary Swedish poet
Tomas Tranströmer,
the music of composer
Ellen Lindquist,
with libretto by
Pat Diamond & Kathleen Flynn,
includes an international cast of
two vocalists & twelve instrumentalists.
As with all of Companion Star's work,
dream seminar/drömseminarium
is developed
collaboratively through improvisation.
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