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Odin. An Opera in Spoken Word.

The mythology that provided Wagner with much of his operatic inspiration provides the starting point for this modern-day spoken word opera. A true environmentally-conscious production with orchestral instruments fashioned entirely from recycled materials, Odin is based on the epic tale of the Norse god of war and knowledge.

In collaboration with the Grammy-nominated Composer/ Percussionist/Environmentalist Donald "Junk Man" Knaack, Companion Star is producing this innovative spoken word opera using their hyper-collaborative improvisational development model.

The artistic goal of Odin is to meld traditional opera with modern street culture. Complete with an orchestra of 11 percussionists performing on amplified recycled materials, Odin is a study in artistic and cultural cross-polination. Rich with spoken word arias, dance quartets and pulsating polyrhythms, as with all of Companion Star's projects, Odin's development is completely collaborative, improvisational and workshop-based.

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