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The Companion Star Method

Companion Star's productions are developed in a workshop-oriented system intended to dissolve conventional performance boundaries and hierarchies.

We provide a haven where artists from many disciplines, countries, walks of life and stages in career can unleash raw creativity. This organic approach is designed to produce fully integrated works. Every facet of the production, from initiation to completion, is shaped by the ideas that arise from the collective work of all members of the collaborative. We fuel these collaborations by helping artists to clearly articulate a process of creation specific to each project. Then we shepherd those projects to completion. We enable each project to evolve and emerge organically.

As we are engaged in creating breakthrough musical works that expand the boundaries of the established art forms of opera and music theatre, our performance projects typically range 7-10 years from beginning to the premiere performance. This length of process we believe is crucial for the research and development of our work. It is equally crucial for us to be able to enact change and expand the slowly evolving mediums of opera and music theatre. We are companions to the creative process and to artists within our community and the world.

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